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As one of our core values, CMA is committed to supplying quality products to our customers each and every time. This dedication is communicated throughout our organization and to our customers through our quality policy.

“CMA is committed to the continuous improvement of its ability to provide on time delivery of the highest quality product to its customers.”

Our Quality Assurance department is involved in the manufacturing process from beginning to end. It is their responsibility to develop systems that monitor the quality level of both the manufacturing and customer service aspects of every job that moves through our plant. Quality planning is a normal part of our design and quoting process. This allows for the identification of critical characteristics and gauging requirements prior to producing prototype and production orders. Control plans are developed for each product and utilized during part production. During the planning process, key parameters are chosen for Statistical Process Control (SPC) routinely conducted by personnel trained in its use. SPC results are kept on a networked database allowing for real-time analysis throughout our company and these results are reviewed monthly by executive management.

In addition to all of our pre-planning, prior to the start-up of any new product, we conduct a First Article Inspection and the parts are approved by a production supervisor and our Quality Assurance Department. Of course the product is only as good as the materials you start with. For this reason, all incoming raw materials are inspected for quality by our Receiving Department. And lastly, we conduct final inspections and dock audits insuring customer satisfaction.

But once the product is in production, we don’t stop there. As our quality policy states, we are committed to continuous improvement. Six Sigma methodologies are utilized by Black Belt led teams and others in pursuit of our continuous improvement goals. Our production associates have been trained in these methodologies and serve on the teams which are dedicated to improving the production processes of all of our products.

It is our commitment to quality and continuous improvement which has earned us our TS16949 registration.

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