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It is our engineering approach and dedication to providing the most critically designed solution to any product we develop that sets us apart. The engineering personnel we employ have many years of experience within the cable industry itself, and they use this wealth of knowledge to create not just the finest cable assemblies and controls possible, but unique cable solutions specific to each individual customer’s needs.

Each one of our engineers is capable of interfacing with your company’s design engineers to create the unique and custom products that are necessary to make your products work most efficiently. We specialize in “custom” applications that truly create a solution to your needs. Many times helping you create a product that works more efficiently than you originally thought possible.

Projects are assigned a CMA Design Engineer based upon application which means you are getting the assistance of a Design Engineer who specializes in your application. In this way you are assured of a product designed for maximum functionality at the lowest possible cost. And, the Design Engineer assigned to your project stays with the project from beginning to end including any subsequent iterations of your product after initial production.

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