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Cycle-Flex Miniature Cable and Assemblies

CMA is the recognized leader in miniature mechanical cable technology. We offer an extensive assortment of standard and custom products engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Cycle-Flex is a lubricated, miniature, concentrically stranded stainless steel mechanical cable ranging from .006" to .045" in diameter. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards using the latest in custom-designed cable stranding equipment and technology.

CMA's nylon coated Cycle-Flex is used for a wide variety of rigorous, high life cycle and reciprocating drive cable applications. New applications taking advantage of this product's unique properties are being discovered for the medical, automotive, electronic and commercial markets. Every day practical, cost-effective solutions to common mechanical motion problems are being developed by designers and engineers using Cycle-Flex.

Select from CMA's complete line of standard Cycle-Flex cable assemblies and fittings and rely on our experience for the design and fabrication of special parts and assemblies.

You can get started by using our design considerations or you can request a Design Guide to help analyze, define, design and specify the most appropriate Cycle-Flex assembly for your specific application. The Design Guide contains useful information and technical data necessary to develop a functional and effective Cycle-Flex cable assembly. CMA's Sales and Engineering departments welcome your inquiries and can assist you with your miniature cable design project.

Prototypes are available and are an invaluable way to finalize the dimensional and tolerance requirements of any assembly. Life cycle and durability testing can also be conducted on samples, prior to production.

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