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Push-Pull Control Cables

Solid core controls are used in applications that require the transmission of forces in both the push and pull mode of operation. The vast majority of these products use various combinations of conduit styles and solid wire cores in their construction.

In some cases, stiffer, small diameter cables can be used for push-pull applications, providing the push load is very light and the combination of cable and conduit is carefully considered. Solid wire cores can be formed on the ends to eliminate the need to apply separate fittings or terminations. Bend radii should be large and routing must be simple in order to avoid a permanent set in the core wire. All push-pull controls have a larger capacity in the pull (or tension) mode than in the push (compression) mode.

Push-Pull Cable Controls

All design considerations for push-pull and pull-pull controls also apply to molded cable controls. Additional design factors do affect the design of these products. They include the molded conduit fittings, conduit selection, assembly function and dimensions.

Recognition of these factors, combined with a practical design for the application, will result in a successful, reliable and cost-effective assembly.

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