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PlastiCable Thermoplastic Coated Cable

Cable life and/or the appearance of any assembly can be enhanced by specifying CMA PlastiCable. The pressure extruded thermoplastic coatings become an integral part of the cable and are highly recommended for use with lubricated cable in pulley applications. The coating seals out contaminants, retains cable lubrication, cushions the strands, resists abrasion and increases the life cycle capability of cable used in flexing applications. CMA’s extensive background in cable coating technology and extrusion capability produces smooth, uniform and concentric coatings of high quality. Our standard “PC” resins, listed on our Specifications page, offer a selection of choices and colors suitable for pressure extrusion on cable. For specific recommendations based on your requirements or information on special and custom coatings, please contact CMA Sales and Engineering departments.

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