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Cycle-Flex Miniature Cable and Assemblies

Design Considerations:

CMA’s Cycle-Flex is recommended for rigorous, high cycle life cable applications. It is a lubricated stainless steel strand coated with a very flexible, abrasion resistant nylon.

  1. Depending upon load consideration cable stretch, both constructional and elastic, needs to be considered. Constructional stretch can be removed; elastic stretch can be calculated.
  2. Based upon the application, select the desired cable construction. For example, 1x7 is the stiffest while 7x19 is the most flexible.
  3. Determine what the cable and assembly breaking strength needs to be based upon the working load plus a safety factor.
  4. If pulleys or capstans are involved in your design, they must be of a suitable size. For example, for 7x19 cable construction, the pulley diameter needs to be 24 times the diameter of the cable.
  5. Remember that the assembly strength will usually be less than the tensile strength of the cable.
  6. Based upon item 3, 4 and 5, determine the cable diameter to be used.
  7. Determine the type of end fitting that will be required for attachment of the cable for your particular application. Our Design Engineers can help with this selection.
  8. For best holding strength, it is necessary to strip the coating prior to applying the end fittings. The design should allow for this.
  9. Consider cable assembly tolerances. Cables are flexible entities and not suitable for very tight length tolerances.

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