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Cycle-Flex Miniature Cable and Assemblies

Cycle-Flex Fittings

CMA's standard line of fittings for Cycle-Flex cable offers many functional assembly options. Each series of fittings has been carefully designed and tested to offer the highest holding strength possible when combined with the recommended cable size. These fittings are applied to bare or coated cable using custom and proprietary matched steel dies in mechanical, or hydraulic presses. Consult CMA's Sales and Engineering departments for recommendations on fitting selection. The proper selection can have a significant impact on the assembly's function, installation, reliability and cost. Please refer to the Fitting Description chart for application guidance, as well as the Material/Finish Specifications chart for available standards.

Custom Fittings

Our extensive experience in special custom fittings design, combined with the capabilities of our fully equipped machine shop and tool room, has resulted in many unique and successful fittings. Consult CMA Sales and Engineering departments for further information.

Cycle-Flex Standard Cable Fittings

Cycle-Flex 10 Series Eye
Cycle-Flex 20 Series Threaded Terminal
Cycle-Flex 40 Series Ball
Cycle-Flex 50 Series Loop
Cycle-Flex 40 Series Hex Ball
Cycle-Flex 60 Series Hex Plug
Cycle-Flex 60 Series Radius Plug
Cycle-Flex 65 Series Swaged Barrel
Cycle-Flex 80 Series Turnbuckle

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