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Terms and Definitions

Cable Assembly Strength Holding strength of a cable assembly including the fittings applied to the cable (or conduit).
Cable Tensile Strength Minimum breaking strength of the cable alone.
Cable Assembly Length Length of the entire assembly as measured from the bearing points of each fitting
Cycle-Flex™ CMA’s line of miniature stainless steel cables ranging in diameter from .006” to .045”.
Push-Pull The core is used for pushing and pulling a load.
Pull-Pull The core is used only for pulling a load. The core is returned to its original position with a spring or gravity.
Conduit A special reinforced tube through which a cable moves.
Travel Actual distance of movement required to actuate the device that the cable is attached to.
Travel Dimension The distance from the end of the conduit to the bearing point of the cable fitting with the opposite end at some predetermined position (usually with the opposite cable fitting pulled up tight against the conduit.
Lost Motion/Backlash The amount of movement in a control cable assembly measured at the output end with the input end fixed.
Control Cable A cable assembly consisting of both cable and conduit. Length is usually specified as the overall conduit length.
Conduit Fittings Metal or plastic fittings used to hold the conduit in place.
Shuttle Molded Conduit Fittings Fittings molded to the end of the conduit using a special injection molding process. These fittings are typically used to hold the conduit in place.
Bowden Conduit A conduit made by tightly coiling a spring around a mandrel or tube.
Core The inner member of a control cable. May be a cable or solid wire.
Cable Construction Geometric design description of the wire cables cross section. This includes the number of strands, the number of wires per strand and the pattern of arrangement.
Cable Lay or Pitch The distance required for one wire or bundle of wires to make one complete turn about the axis of the cable or strand.


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